Montréal, Canada

Release date:
2017 (expected)

PC, Mac, Linux, Consoles

Available on Steam

English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Icelandic, Vietnamese



In Bootleg Systems, you play agent Logan Blake, a member of the dystopian society our world has become at the dawn of the 23rd century.

In a time where humans can no longer conceive and maintain their corporal envelopes, humanity is forced to transfer their knowledge and conscience to machines. A worldwide artificial intelligence program is put in place to preserve our ideas and legacy until a solution to humanity's subsistence is found.

One day, a breach in the system occurs, allowing rogue agents to clone its data and create new systems used to serve alternative purposes. Your responsibility is to investigate these illegal systems, take possession of their intel, and shut them down to restore order.


Development of Bootleg Systems began in June 2015, but it all started as an idea on February of the same year. From June to August, the team developed the first playable prototype. Despite the first version being able to successfully showcase the impressive cloning powers of the Clone Gun, the game lacked depth and polish on every aspect. The team decided to sleep on the idea for a while and come back to it later with a fresh new perspective.

In March 2016, the team got back working full-time on developing Bootleg Systems. At last, the game has reached a point where it starts to feel like what it was meant to be. To celebrate the progress that was achieved in bringing the game closer to its release, the team is proud to launch the Bootleg Systems Pre-Alpha Demo in December 2016. The team is eager to start connecting with the world's gaming communities and engage in discussions, gather feedback, and co-create with them in order to be on track to publish the full version of Bootleg Systems in 2017. Since its release, the Bootleg Systems Demo has been played in over 60 countries.


  • The revolutionary Clone Gun™ which allows you to clone and shoot items (copy and paste weapon)
  • Single-player story-driven campaign
  • Cyberpunk universe inspired by Blade Runner and Tron
  • Balanced mix of shooting, puzzles, and platforming
  • Worldwide leaderboards and player stats


Teaser YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (15.3MB)
Bootleg Systems Office
Bootleg Systems Pool
Bootleg Systems Ice Cream Store
Bootleg Systems Car
Bootleg Systems Hall
Bootleg Systems Warehouse

download logo files as .zip (1.64MB)
Bootleg Systems Logo
Bootleg Systems Logo Transparent

Selected Articles

  • "I just kept cloning and shooting until the gun emptied and then I cloned some more."
    - Serena Nelson, Cliqist

  • "Overall, the game mechanics are simple, but the kind of simple that I quickly became addicted to."
    - Will Morin, indielove

  • "For whatever reason, there’s not as many indie developers looking to create FPSes as there are creating puzzle, platformer, or even adventure titles. [Neonable] is looking to change that with Bootleg Systems."
    - Marcus Estrada, Hardcore Gamer

Monetization Permission

Neonable™ allows for the contents of Bootleg Systems™ to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Bootleg Systems™ is legally & explicitly allowed by Neonable™.

About Neonable™

Neonable™ is a Canadian game studio founded by Gabriel De Roy in 2015. Bootleg Systems is Neonable's first game, and will define the kind of games the studio will create in the future.

More information
More information on Neonable™, our logo & relevant media are available here.


Gabriel De Roy
Producer, Game Designer, Creative Director, Lead Programmer

Katherine Provost
Business Development Consultant

Dream Fiend
Music & Voice Overs
Dream Fiend

Patrick Lavoie
Audio Lead & Mastering
GeekSound Factory

Jérémi Ménard
Sound Design
GeekSound Factory

Jérôme Saindon-Campeau
Audio Edits
GeekSound Factory

Xavier Nolet
Additional Programming

Helgi Tómas Gíslason

Tianyu Li

Duy Pham

Francesca Bucchi

Andrei Enuta

Fabien Papineau-Belec

Dominik Chmielewski

Michael Meltchenko

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